Kenneyburgers - SMOs - Double Ks - Big Ks - Doozies

"Broiled Burgers"

Back in the early '60s in Roanoke, you didn't see McDonald's, or Burger King, or Hardee's.

They weren't here, because someone else already was.

Learn how a small, locally based restaurant chain grew through the decades to dominate fast food in the Roanoke valley and beyond.

See the unique print advertising used, and listen to the early radio ads played on WROV and elsewhere.

Biff-Burger, Radio Ads, Williamson Road, Boxley Hills, Buena Vista, Lynchburg, Brambleton Avenue.

West Main Salem, Melrose Avenue, Litter bags, Martinsville, Billboards, Danville Ads. Original signs.

Employees, Chicken Fair, Newspaper Ads, Big 'K' Cups, Service pins, Interior shots, Unusual signs.

Mr. Kenneyburger, Miss Biff Burger wedding, Beef-Burger, Martinsville, Lexington Va, Lurch radio ad.

Buena Vista opening, new building, Newsletter, Charlottesville, Locations, Memorabilia, Patty Wagon.

East Main, Salem, Updated buildings, Great American Chicken, Fort Ave. Lynchburg, Kenney's video.

Roto Broiler, Rocky Graziano ad, Hockey contest, Staunton, Waynesboro signs, Ghosts of Kenney's.

Vinton, Blacksburg, Brandon, Bennington S.E., Radford, Galax, Staunton, Princeton, Kenney's Sauce,

WDBJ 7 story on Kenney's, Guestbook.

Updated 6/20/16