Buddy Boys, Longfellas, Onion Rings, Strawberry Pie. If you remember these, you remember Lendy's.

This site attempts to tell the story of a small restaurant in Salem, Virginia that grew to be a chain of over fifty from 1955 to the late 1970s.

The site is divided into seven pages to reduce the loading time, it is very graphics intensive.

You'll discover the marketing of a fifties phenomenon, Big Boy, photos of Col. Harland Sanders visiting in the local restaurants promoting his newly franchised "Kentucky Fried Chicken", examples of the "Googie" style architecture used in the buildings and you can watch and listen to some of the old T.V. and radio ads for Lendy's.

Introduction, Apperson Drive (Lee-Hi), Mainliner (Franklin Rd.), Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Col. Sanders at Melrose, Lakeside Yoda's

Boxley Hills Yoda's / Lendy's, Brambleton Ave., Melrose "take home shoppe", Downtowner, Radford, Blacksburg & below, misc. employee photos, Lendy's commissary, indoor waterfall.

Vintage menus from Shoneys through Lendy's.

Mainliner architect's drawing, a visit from the Colonel to Lee Hi, print ads, original Buddy Boy art, original downtowner and the Richmond Locations.

The early days, history, owner information, canopies, TeleTrays, spinning buckets, T.V. commercials, radio & print ads, additional photos.

Brambleton Avenue, Dandy's, Vinton Lendy's construction, Madison Heights googie, additional downtown.

Color Mainliner, Big Boy history, opening day, first TeleTray, comics, Lexington, Shoney's becomes Lendy's, billboards, more radio ads, ending, Pat's Cafe, guestbook.


Updated 12/04/15